eLearning Developer

Hello. I'm Richard.  I'm an eLearning, presentation, and video developer.

I develop training systems, eLearning courses, and employee and contractor orientations for a variety of industries at all levels of the marketplace, including some of world’s largest organizations.
I know what it takes to build engaging and effective learning content with a combination of substance and style. Starting with sound instructional concepts, I use video, graphics, animation, and audio to provide on-target training programs that fit your budget and meet the needs of your audience wherever they’re located, on any device.
Let's work together!

How I can help with your next eLearning project
Template design
Develop the underlying structure of the course and program the functionality for navigation, quizzing, and LMS integration.
Theme design
Build the user interface, various slide layouts, and develop color scheme and typography.
Visual design
Storyboarding, conceptual illustration, storytelling, and presentation of instructional design.
Audio Production
Edit and process all narration and feedback audio. 
Interactivity, navigation, and LMS connection.
Image processing
Color correct, enhance, crop, and resize images to optimize them for display and download.
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